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Turn the setback into a comeback

Our exercise physiology service empowers you to make a sustainable return to meaningful activities from injury or illness. These meaningful activities can be work, social or recreational. We provide a person-centred approach that delivers sustainable outcomes and safeguards your comeback.

National Disability  Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Exercise Physiology  In Canberra

You are More than your injury

We develop a treatment plan that is based around you as a person and not just your injury. Adopting an holistic approach to your rehabilitation enhances your treatment and helps you make greater progress towards your desired outcomes.

teamwork is key

Adopting a collaborative approach to healthcare is essential for achieving sustainable outcomes. Working together with you enables us to develop a treatment plan that is effective, achievable and suitable to your situation and goals. We collaborate closely with all members of your treating team, including occupational consultants, doctors and your employer, to ensure that you are on the right track to recovery.

We give you the skills

Being able to self-manage your injury is an important part of the recovery process. Our role is to set you on the right path and help you develop the skills that will empower you to make a full recovery. Taking control of your rehabilitation and health promotes a sense of autonomy that helps to boost your self-efficacy, therefore increasing the likelihood that you will achieve and sustain a full recovery.

Nothing short of the best

Your treatment is designed in accordance with the latest and greatest physical therapy research. An evidence-based approach to healthcare helps you reach your desired outcomes and goals more efficiently. By optimising your treatment, we are reducing the burden your injury or illness has on your life. At the end of the day, we do not want you to have more treatment than absolutely necessary.

Meet Joanne

Joanne works as an accountant and has recently been experiencing debilitating pain on her elbow that prevents her from completing some work duties.

Joanne’s employer has agreed to cover the injury under their workers compensation policy. Joanne was approved for six exercise physiology sessions and booked her initial consultation with AXM Exercise Physiology.

Joanne attended the appointment to discuss with her exercise physiologist how her injury has impacted her life and undergo a physical assessment. Joanne and her exercise physiologist then collaborated on treatment goals and designed an evidence-based treatment plan tailored to Joanne’s busy life. Joanne was prescribed an exercise program to complete at her local gym and provided guidance that helped her better understand her injury .

After 4 weeks of the exercise program, Joanne has made great progress and is better managing her elbow pain. Joanne returned to her exercise physiologist for a review.
Joanne completed a reassessment with her exercise physiologist that demonstrated positive changes in function and pain. Joanne was discharged as she is confident she can self-manage her injury going forward and is able to return to full work duties.

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